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How to Get Cash Loans to Your Doorstep in the UK

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Thousands of people need loans, but they don’t have bank accounts where the lender can deposit the cash. Maybe, you are asking whether it’s possible to get cash loans at your home without walking around looking for one. Not all lenders offer doorstep loans, but that’s a new idea that most lenders are putting into practice nowadays. As a result, lenders meet willing borrowers they could not have gotten without visiting them at home. Doorstep loans are good since you don’t move out, and there are no transaction costs involved while getting the cash. In addition, you meet face to face with an individual who will listen to you efficiently.

What are Cash Loans to Your Door?

As the name suggests, cash loans to your door are loans that a lender’s representative brings to your home. Doorstep loans are usually short-term unsecured loans that you get while at home. In addition, cash loan lenders do not focus much on your credit history.

To access a doorstep loan, you will first need to contact the lender via phone calls or their website. 

After agreeing on an appointment, the lender sends their representative to your home with loan details and contract forms. 

As you may know, most lenders need your bank statement to prove that you can repay the loan on time. However, you don’t have to possess a bank account to get doorstep loans. Once you know the loan details and the terms, you sign a contract, and the representative brings your cash loan.

You might be worried about the repayment

Well, the lender’s representative still comes to your home to collect cash payments on the scheduled dates.

Doorstep loans are a good option since if you cannot repay the loan on time, the lender’s representative can listen to you and give you extra time. We all know that’s impossible with bank loans or online loans, whereby if you skip a payment, you will pay a penalty fee.

Get Cash Loans to Your Door at 786 Loans in the UK

786 loans is a broker site that will not charge you a brokerage fee like other brokers. This broker allows you to navigate via their website if you need cash loans to your door. Doorstep loans at 786 do not require any security before they approve your loan. Instead, you only need to prove that you have a continuous flow of income.

786 loans site sends a representative to your door whom you can discuss your financial requirements. 

This act brings an excellent opportunity to discuss the loan terms face to face with an individual. In addition, you can also discuss the best repayment schedule that works best for you according to your income.

You can get cash loans to your door from 786 loans starting from £100 to £35,000*, which is a good range for short-term needs. The Annual Percentage Rate on this loans site is 49.7%*, and the repayment period starts from one month to 84 months, depending on the loan amount.

How to Qualify for Doorstep Loans in 786 Loans

To qualify for a doorstep loan from 786 loans, you need to adhere to the following requirements:

  • You must be a UK resident
  • You must also have continuous income 
  • The broker needs you to have more than 18 years
  • They also need proof of your identity

This loan broker contacts a soft credit check to assess your loan affordability, but that doesn’t affect your credit score. 

Can You Get Doorstep Loans with Bad Credit in 786 Loans?

The answer is yes. 

786 loans focus more on your ability to repay the loan other than on depending on your credit history. The lenders on this site do not define borrowers with their bad credit history. As long as you have constant income with which you can repay the loan, the broker will consider you for a loan. Therefore, you can still get cash loans to your door with lousy credit.

Can You Get Doorstep Loans while on Benefits?

Maybe this question is ringing in your mind right now. Since the government allows you to have benefits to boost your finances, it might be tough to get doorstep loans. However, some lenders may be good enough to listen to your cries and give you a doorstep loan. 

What Next?

With 786 loans, you can get cash loans from friendly staff who will visit your home after booking an appointment. You have to visit the online site and contact the loan broker.  Afterwards, they will send an agent to your home with the loan details. In addition, you get flexible repayment terms and a considerable loan amount that you can repay from the comfort of your home. What could be better than that? 

* as per the information available online/on the lender’s website as on 05/04/2022.