12-Months Loan

12-Months Loan: The Advantages and Its Limitations

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Since the previous financial meltdown in 2008, people in the UK are getting more sceptical about another economic crisis due to the proposed Brexit in the upcoming years. And when such times loom over your happiness, you need to plan things accordingly.

Planning your finances and debts is a major contribution you can make towards your financial well-being. Moreover, choosing a suitable loan can cost you your peace of mind. Repayment is another thing you will have to deal with, as some unethical lenders and loans sharks will try to trap you within their nets of unaffordable loans and EMIs. So, looking out for such things and saving yourself from the clutches of such people has become necessary these days.

There are many such products floating in the market, but choosing the best from the rest is what you need and where we come into the picture. An easy 12 months loan is one such thing and that is what we will talk about in this article.

A 12 months loan falls under the unsecured category and is useful to the bad credit profiles and the people who face a hard time dealing with their finances. Say a person has a number of ongoing instalments and debts and due to reasons, his credit score is not up to the mark as well, well in such situations a 12 months loan comes in handy.

Yet, before opting for any such thing and before making your decision about an amount, one should keep a few things in mind.

• Affordability
Your repayment affordability is the most primitive and significant point you should take into your consideration while thinking about a loan. Always choose an amount, which is affordable to your repayment lengths, and do not let any broker or lender allure you to take out a loan amount more than your needs. You would not want to bite more than you can chew.

• Proper Knowledge of the Interest Rate Policy
Before making any loan deals, it is crucial to have a proper and comprehensive knowledge of the rate of interest. Some lenders and brokers may offer variable APRs, which may or may not ask you to pay an amount larger than you expect to pay in the end. As a variable APR changes with the duration of a loan repayment and may not be appropriate or suitable to your situation as well.

• Always Opt for Something you Need
Different products come with different specifications. A certain loan is good for the homeowners and another one is suitable for your mid-month financial crisis. So, you should always choose the right and appropriate product as per your needs. A product which is specific to your requirements and is appropriate to your repayment capacity will be easier to repay and will not be a burden on your already overloaded budget. Basically, one should shop around, compare the products available and come down to a conclusion only after a rigorous and deep research of such opportunities is conducted.

• Choose Something that Does Not Hamper your Credit Scores Unnecessarily
When we apply for such loans ourselves and through various other tools and services, it is mandatory that our credit-score gets evaluated. And as a collateral damage to it, the credit rating is reduced and hampered to a further extent. So before applying anywhere, it should be made clear and certain that a rather soft check is being imposed on your credit report and a hard check which is mandatory, should be brought in only when a probable approval is being provided.

So now that you know how we should get to it, let us help you reach there.

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